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Municipality of Brighton Open Air Burning Permit System is now operational

On December 19th 2016 Brighton Council passed the new Open Air Burning Bylaw (125-2016) Effective June 1 2017 Open Air Burning permits will be required for all Open Air Burning within the municipality.

These permits can be obtained at the Brighton District Fire Department

Station 1 – 20 Elizabeth Street, or Station 2 - 1256 County Rd 27.

The cost of the Permit is $20.00; Fees will not be pro-rated as the $20.00 is an annual fee. This cost will offset the operation of the program.

Once you have obtained your permit you will call to activate your permit each and every time you burn, through an automated activation system. This will ensure our fire dispatch is aware of your burn should calls come in about these. Once you are finished burning a call must be made to deactivate your permit as well.  . For the first month residents will be cautioned if there is a complaint and there has not been a permit taken out or activated. After this time residents can be charged for failure to obtain or activate their burn permit. Each permit will be assigned a number that is yours for the year and identifies your location.  It is equally important that you call in to de-activate your permit once your fire is extinguished.  All rules and regulations regarding Open Air Burning will be on the permit. If you have any questions regarding permits or other fire related information please feel free to contact the Fire Department at 613-475-1744.