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By-law 045-2015

Garage Sale Bylaw

2017 Rates
General Fees & Charges for 2017

By-law 127-2016

Sewer use by-law to regulate & control discharges to the municipal sewer system

By-law 126-2016

A by-law to regulate & control vehicular parking on municipal property

By-law 125-2016

A By-law to regulate & control open air burning within the Municipality of Brighton

By-law 124-2016

A By-law to Establish & Regulate a Fire Department

By-law 077-2016

A By-law to regulate the use of water

By-Law 009-2016

Procedural By-Law

2016 Rates

Water & Wastewater Fees & Service Charges for 2016

By-law 113-2015

Automatic Aid Agreement (Cramahe & Trent Hills)

By-law 094-2016

By-law & Agreement (Dr. Kelly Fernandes)

By-Law 162-2003

Refreshment Vehicle Consolidated By-Law
Refreshment Vehicle Update
To regulate & prohibit all tobacco use

Construction & Change of Use Permits & Inspections in the Municipality of Brighton
Regulation of Garage Sales
Property Standards Amendment
& original by-law:

By-Law 029-2012
 Clean Yards

Rate of Speed (Bullis Road)

By-Law 038-2011
By-Law to Regulate Semi Trailers within Boundaries of the Municipality of Brighton

By-Law 024-2010
Noise By-Law (Township)

By-Law 2000-1056
Noise By-Law (Within Town)

By-Law 050-2009Taxi Cab By-law

An amendment to this by-law, passed in 2010:
By-Law No. 052-2010 Taxi Fares 2010

By-Law to Regulate Planting & the Care of Trees on Municipal Property


By-Law 287-2005 & By-Law 062-2012  
Dog Control By-Law

For 2015 fees, please click here.

By-Law 068-2002 & 213-2004
False Alarm By-Law

By-Law 187-2003
Firearms Discharge By-Law


By-Law 143-2003 
Signs and Other Advertising Devices

By-Law 1999-1015
Speed Limit - Harbour Street
By-Law 1996-898
Off Road Vehicles