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Carman Cemetery

         Located Concession 3 Lot 27 Brighton Township, on Carman Road, and established in 1855. Mr. Peter Maybee buried his young daughter, Susanna, in one corner of his field and put a marker in her memory in 1855. In 1865, an indenture was drawn up between Peter H. Maybee and seven trustees from the church board. Peter Maybee gave one quarter acre of land for the sole purpose of a public burying ground. In January 1878, another parcel of land east of the old burying ground was purchased from Peter Maybee for $30.00. In April 1899 a further parcel of land was purchased from John M. Maybee for $28.00. Although the trustees of the burying ground were all members of the Carman church, the cemetery was not a part of the church property. On July 3, 1922, the Carman Methodist board and the cemetery board held a joint meeting and decided to transfer the cemetery to the church property. Joel Maybee was the director and salesman and George Adams the treasurer. July 26 was agreed upon as a clean up day for the cemetery, but not much action was taken.

          Finally in 1948, a bee was held for two days to clean up the cemetery. In 1964 when the school was closed part of the school grounds was purchased to enlarge the cemetery. In 1967 Mr. & Mrs. P.D. Stewart presented the new gates to the cemetery. In 1977 another bee was held and a new fence built part way around the property. A regular caretaker was hired for the grounds.

Carman Cemetery
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