Where the Past Greets the Fututre




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We completed our sixth season of operation. Our mission is to prevent the loss of life and injury and to provide 24/7 search and rescue services during the boating season.  This year (2013) was a very eventful year for Brighton Auxiliary Rescue Unit (BARU). Notable highlights included:


·    The acquisition and commissioning of our "new” vessel – a 1985 30' Sea Ray

·    Recruitment of 3 new members to our Unit

·    A significant reduction in our annual operating costs, thanks to:

   the Presqu'ile Yacht Club donating free winter storage on their property

    the Municpality of Brighton donating a slip at the municipal marina in Gosport

    the Canadian Coast Guard Auxilliary arranging inexpensive insurance for auxilliary vessels while at dock and in storage

·    A very successful poster campaign to promote our "Donate Your Boat” to BARU was launched.  Thanks to some very generous individuals 8 vessels were donated to BARU.  Four were sold giving a much needed boost to our bank account

·    "Brighton Rescue” was tasked on 5 rescue missions by Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, (JRCC) at CFB Trenton. 

·    Our service delivery standard, to assemble the crew, perform all pre-departure safety checks and leave the BARU dock within 30 minutes of receiving the tasking from JRCC, was not met.  We averaged 31.2 minutes. 

·    We held 9 training sessions on the water.  These included a training exercise with 424 Squadron and two night exercises with Wellington Rescue.


We continue to work in close cooperation with other CCGA Units in this area including Wellington, Picton and Belleville. We frequently exchange best practice information and engage in site visits and joint training exercises to share knowledge and experience.  Two joint training exercises were carried out with Wellington Rescue.  There was also a joint exercise with 424 Squadron. Brighton Rescue was a target vessel for them to locate using instruments only and we were asked to retrieve emergency equipment dropped  from the Hercules aircraft.


Financial  (Peter McCann)

2013 was a successful year in terms of financial support gathered.  The season presented the Unit with some significant fiscal challenges.  One was the acquisition of the new vessel for $22,900.00 which strained BARU’s cash reserves.

The Executive took action to reduce operating costs and raise revenues. The Presqu'ile Yacht Club was approached for assistance.  They offered to provide free winter storage on their property.  A presentation was made to the Municipality of Brighton seeking additional funding and a slip at the municipal marina in Gosport.  The latter was subsequently approved during the budgeting process in the winter.  Finally, acting on suggestions from BARU, CCGA offered a much less costly insurance policy for Auxiliary Units for insurance while the vessel is at the dock or in storage.  These three elements will significantly reduce the Unit's operating costs on a go-forward basis.

As a result of the  successful 2013 donated boat program and careful stewardship of resources, BARU will begin the 2014 season with a healthy bank balance.  Five donated boats remain in inventory and a concerted move to sell them will begin next spring. The 2013 Financial report is provided separately.

Boats & Equipment  (Paavo Kivisto, Craig Bernardo)


 A successful sea trial was conducted and the Unit took possession of the 1985 30’ SeaRay.   The vessel was ferried from Scarborough to Brighton.  Equipment was transferred from the Units former vessel (28' Chris Craft) and the vessel was put into service in June.  A few weeks into the season the drive shaft off the starboard engine snapped.  Members rallied around this crisis.  Mocean Marine was hired to lead the repairs.  A used shaft was located in Toronto.  A used propellor was located in Lakefield.  Timbr Mart in Brighton provided a crane to help remove the starboard engine so the drive shaft could be repaired.  Brighton Rescue was back in service within the week.  


The SeaRay has ample storage capacity for all our safety equipment.  Crew members participated in training sessions to familiarize themselves with the new vessel.  The flybridge provides an excellent platform for spotters and overall the SeaRay will serve the needs of BARU for years to come.





Membership & CCGA Liaison  (Paavo Kivisto)

Member turn-out for training and boat maintenance sessions was an issue in previous years.  
The Unit's personnel roster was critically reviewed.  
Members who had not been active on the Unit were contacted and asked to 
re-commit to being active or agree to go on the inactive list.  
As a result of these communications the number of active members in the Unit was reduced to 13.
Three new members were recruited and  their orientation and training was initiated.

Training  (John Crowe)


The training schedule for 2013 focused on orientating the Unit's members to the new vessel and getting our new members trained in the basics. We held 9 training sessions on the water.  These included a training exercise with 424 Squadron and two night excercises with Wellington Rescue.   The new training program for members (Phase I) will begin in 2014.  It will consist of 10 hours classroom and 10 hours on the water segments.  The 2014 training plan will be finalized and distributed to members.

Boat & Maintenance (Craig Bernardo)


We have a lot of work to do on 515 before we can launch. The most time consuming appears to be the preparation for and application of ablative paint to the hull. Other minor repairs and upgrades will be completed before the start of the 204 season


Community Relations  (vacant)

BARU is involved in some community events in order to raise its profile.  In 2013 the Unit was not able to participate in the WallEye  Tournament in Presqu'ile Bay.  The Unit could not take possession of the vessel until the end of May. Presentations were made to the Lion's Club, the Presqu'ile Yacht Club and the Municipal Council.  A ceremony to commission the new vessel was organized. It was quite successful in raising the Unit's profile. 

An application has been submitted for a New Horizons grant for Seniors Boating Safety Training in the Bay of Quinte Region.  If successful, the grant will provide funds to purchase a laptop computer, projector & screen which will be used to make boating safety presentations at service clubs in the region. (application was rejected)

The Community Relations Officer is also responsible for maintaining the BARU home page on the Municipality of Brighton Community Groups web site


Moving ahead for the future

BARU’s goal for the coming year is to improve Search and Rescue capabilities through key initiatives:


1)         Complete the Phase I training (classroom and on-water)  for the new members


2)         Recruit & train additional members that are committed to being actively involved


3)         Continue to expand the skills of existing members with a focus on helm and navigation duties.  The goal is to increase the number of members who can be assigned to operate the vessel and the navigation equipment.

4)         Install a radar system on the vessel


Date & Time


Nature of emergency


May 1     10.15

Quinte Walleye Derby courtesy presence

Patrolled bay until 11.25

Jul 1  21.30

Boat adrift in Presqu’Ile Bay, red hull

Sailboat located aground at Cow Pasture; occupants asleep; dark, windy & raining; all secured;  RTNO  midnight


Take CTV crew to mid lake  re  lake swimmer filming

5 person ladies length of lake swim team

Jul 11  16.00

Canoe capsized Baldwin St marina; 2 persons in water

Directed very inexperienced boaters to shore; saved canoe

Aug 9

Yellow powerboat; engine out, two on board; W. end  Brighton Bay

Yellow Captiva : Weed clogged out drive, belt snapped  performing sea trials post repairs; escorted back to PILM

Aug 13  18.00

One man Laser sailboat capsized off Provincial Park; one person in water

Very difficult conditions 6ft waves, 30 km wind.  Found boat and person in water approx. one mile off shore; in water 21/2 hrs; Got him on board back to EMS services & police.  Thanked BARU for saving his life

Aug 14

Investigate capsized boat one mile off North Beach

RCAF C17 in area took over search; stood  down; probable capsized Laser

Sep 7

Grew 18ft power boat broken down, two souls on board, drifting

Found boat with father & young son; off Shoal Point; towed to PILM, Drove owner to pick up his trailer Ontario St

Oct 9  08.30

Exercise wit 424 Squadron Hercules  off Scotch Bonnet;

Acted as target vessel for blind location by Hercules; recovered dropped packages

Sep 12

Bass boat aground –Murray Canal entrance

Launched dinghy in heavy sea & torrential rain Crew men Sue & Mike rowed tow line to bass boat in weed bed.  Crew jumped out of dinghy onto sand bank & pushed him off.  No tow needed 




Peter McCann, Treasurer  April 14th 2014