Where the Past Greets the Fututre

Economic Development
Brighton's economic base is one that is diverse and plentiful. Manufacturing, construction, retail and services, tourism and farming are all industries that Brighton has a hand in. Businesses are thriving and new businesses are constantly emerging because of the steady population growth rate in the area. Along with serving the local market, businesses large and small have international connections and actively export to markets around the world. Brighton is an active business community and welcomes prospective businesses and industries to discover the economic and social benefits of locating here.

Business & Commerce
Businesses large and small play a key role in the Municipality of Brighton's economy. Lines of communication and services are constantly being enhanced to provide businesses with the support needed to grow and develop. With active business associations and organizations, resources are always within reach. Brighton is proud of all our local businesses!

The residents of the Municipality of Brighton are well accommodated with 2 full service grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, banks and an excellent variety of retail and service businesses. Additional services are only a short drive away.

Brighton's downtown core is beautifully lined with unique stores and service establishments. The Downtown Business Improvement Area works extra hard to maintain store fronts, keep the streets tidy and decorate town with fresh flower pots, banners, and signs.