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Emergency Planning


Emegergency Preparedness Week is May 3-9, 2015.  Detailed information on Emergency Prepardness is available at:         

Brighton Fire Department (South Hall), 20 Elizabeth Sreet

Municipal Office, 35 Alice Street

Public Works, 67 Sharp Road

Codrington Community Center, 2992 Highway 30

CLICK HERE for more information



Emergency Response Plan - Click here

Emergency Preparedness Guide - Click here
Tornado Myths and Misconceptions - Click here

Home Emergency Kit Ideas

1) Storage: Duffle bag, backpack or large plastic bag to keep clothes dry.

2) Special Needs: medication, copies of prescriptions, eye glasses, contact lens cleaner.

3) Hygiene: Deodorant, tooth brush, tooth paste, razor, toiletries, hygiene products, wash cloth, towel, hand sanitizer.

4) First Aid Kit: sun tan lotion, rubber/latex gloves.

5) Example Food: trail mix, sports bars, crackers, water, juice, gum, hard candy, plastic cutlery.

6) Clothing: one shirt, lounge clothes for sleeping (track pants), socks, underwear, hat, blanket or sleeping bag.

7) Documents: passport, driver's license, OHIP, insurance, will, picture, phone numbers, extra cash, debit card.

8) Pets: leash and cage, hard food, picture.

9) Equipment: Wind up radio/light/siren or flashlight / batteries, watch, radio, whistle, map, candles, knife, deck of cards, books, small games.


For more information pick up a copy of the 72 hour booklet and Brighton's Emergency Preparedness Guide, available at the Municipal Office, Fire Hall & Public Works