Where the Past Greets the Fututre
Inactive Cemeteries
Covell Grove Pioneer Cemetery 

     The Covell Grove Pioneer Cemetery has established dates found from proven burials from 1828 to 1947. The cemetery has had its name changed a few times Richardson stoneover the years. The names were, The Pioneer Cemetery, The Covell Grove Cemetery, The Butler Burial Ground and Gosport Cemetery. The Covell name has been used the longest. The Covell family purchased the property in 1881 and owned it until the late 1960's.

    Amongst the community that used this cemetery there were children who died of diphtheria and Lake Captains, sailors and passengers from ships that sank in the area. James Covell's plot is the only marked grave left.

     One of the first civic issues to come before the newly incorporated Village of Brighton in 1852 was the choice of a suitable site for a new cemetery. At the time there was a small cemetery south of the village north off Harbour Street which was used as a community cemetery. This is located in the area north of Harbour and east of Cedar.

      Evidence was sent to the Ministry in support that the Covell Grove Cemetery was not just a family cemetery but a community cemetery. With the changes made with the Ministry the name was officially changed to the Covell Grove Pioneer Cemetery.      


   In 1983 monuments were removed as the cemetery was being vandalized and monuments smashed on the road. These monuments were to be put back at a future date. Only a few monuments remain which are on the back of the new monument. The property was sectioned off and cleaned up.

      A monument was installed in June 2006 with the names of known burials with room for more names to be added. Research is still being conducted for additional names. A fence was installed in 2010 surrounding the perimeter. Today "April 29, 2011? a plaque and an oak tree are being dedicated to the cemetery. In 2011 a tree and plaque was dedicated to the cemetery.

Vansicklin Cemetery

   The VanSicklin Cemetery is located in Concession B Lot 28 Brighton Township, cairn on Boes Road. This cemetery was closed in 1952 in need of repair. When death came to Lawson Settlement Ferdinand Vansicklen donated acre on the knoll south of the road, by the water, for a burial ground. This cemetery represented three families Vansicklen, Lawson and Wright.

    Alpha Peister, who has relatives in the cemetery, approached Brighton Township council about the cemetery. It was agreed to that the stones would be moved to a chosen location.

    The farm of Mr. Arnold Boes was chosen. Mr. Boes donated the land for the proposed memorial site. In August 1972 Arnold Dudley, Warkworth stonemason did the work for council.  Jack Scriver, road Superintendent moved the monuments by using old tires in the Township loader bucket to prevent damage.  Alpha Peister paid $250.00 for the historical plaque with suitable wording.  The survey for the legal deed to the Township was the most expensive of $700.00.  At the same time the Smith cemetery was done and it was suggested that the Covell Grove cemetery could also be done but nothing was accomplished for the Covell cemetery.

    Body snatching was popular. Steve Vansicklin lived on the family farm, presently Dr. McQuoids. Alpha Piester wanted to know why Steve's uncle did not have a monument. His reply was why bother putting a monument in when he is not there.  Steve was a young boy when his uncle died.  It was customary to guard the grave for two weeks after a burial.  Steve and his father would go to the cemetery around supper time to make sure grave robbers did not get the grave.  One evening Oscar Lawson, whose farm they pass, came out as they were going to the cemetery and said, "Well boys you might as well go home, the grave robbers got him today.  Bodies were taken from the graves and sold to medical schools for student to practice on.

Smith Cemetery

The Smith cemetery is located in Concession A Lot 24 Brighton Township, off Smith Street, Smithfield. This was
the property of John Drummond Smith who donated this property for a burying ground. The cemetery had become neglected and in need of repair.

    In 1972 the stones were collected and put into a wall the same time as the VanSicklin cemetery. In some cases the remains have been removed to the cemetery on the hill Greenwood Cemetery

Clark Cemetery

     Located in Concession 10 Lot 3 Brighton Township, Codrington town limits Highway 30. This cemetery is a private plot believed to have started around the 1830's. The last burial was in 1957.

      In 2010 the north fence line and monuments were repaired. In 2012 a sign was installed.

Presqu'ile Pioneer Cemetery

Presqu'ile Point has found Indian artifacts and old graves indicate that it was once an Indian burial ground. It is not
generally known that there is a pioneer cemetery at Presqu'ile Point, never the less visitors drive within a stone's throw of it when they travel the road into the park.  No visual evidence remains of its existence.  One or more members of the Selleck family who were pioneer settlers at Presqu'ile around 1800 are buried there.  It is understood that the remains of some of the pioneers buried there were later removed and interned to the old Covell Cemetery, Mount Hope in Brighton and some believe Woods Cemetery.

    The Brighton Independent, April 17, 1974 had an article about the cemetery. One stone remained of the Presqu'ile cemetery now gone.

      In Memory of Parmelia, wife of Alex R. Sutliff, died Sept. 1, 1865 age
34 yrs. 1 mo. 3 days. The verse accompanying it was:

Farewell my friends and children dear, I am not dead but sleeping here, As I am now so you must be, Prepare in time to
follow me.

    The original 1869 map of Presqu'ile shows near the main lighthouse two different areas of monuments besides the main cemetery.

    A sign has been installed at the campground parking lot with a trail leading to the cemetery were an engrave stone marks the location of the cemetery.