Where the Past Greets the Fututre

Mount HopeMount Hope Cemetery
     Welcome to Mount Hope Cemetery which was opened on April 6, 1867 by Brighton Council, with the first burial John Butler on November 20, 1867. In 1924 a gift of land for the extension eastward of the grounds was given. This was opened to the public in 1925. In 1985 land was purchased by council to the north for future expansion.
     In June 2004 the first of three, three-sided granite and aluminum Columbarium was installed. In October 2008 the Memorial Forest Scattering Grounds was opened. In June 2011 the annex to the north was opened for burials.
     On June 1, 2016, the administration of Mount Hope Cemetery transferred back to the Municipality of Brighton. 
     Mount Hope Cemetery is a community cemetery serving all denominations. Your purchase is for perpetuity. We offer our clients a variety of choices, whether they select traditional burial, cremation or cremation and scattering of ashes in our memorial forest. We offer options in a setting that is welcoming, calm and appealing to the eye.

Our Mission
     Our vision is to create a welcoming environment to bereaved families. Preserves and honour past and present generations while providing a legacy for future generations. To promote for the public benefit the cemetery and burial records.

     The Mount Hope Cemetery and Annex is located at #103 Hwy 30 in the Municipality of Brighton.

The Plan
     The cemetery has been laid out in sections to accommodate traditional burial plots which include cremations. The three-sided Columbarium is located to the north and contains 180 niches. Additional Columbariums will be added in the future as demand requires.
     To the north of the Columbarium is the Memorial Forest Scattering Grounds. Three entrances lead into eight sections with a trail going through the woods for scattering the remains of a loved one with an inscription on the blank walls of the Columbarium.


     The cemetery is open to the public from 8 am to sunset.


HST "Effective February 1, 2014, Mount Hope Cemetery is required to collect HST on all sales and services."

     Burial plots are $800 each plus $100 for two cornerstones.

Columbarium niches are designed to accommodate 2 urns. Prices range from $2,200 to $2,600, which includes the inscription cost.
     The Memorial Forest is a beautiful area to scatter cremated remains. The deceased name, year of birth and death is put on the end walls of the columbarium. Price for scattering grounds is $600 which includes the inscription cost.
Payment may be by cash or cheque.


 left scattering ground, right cemetery annex.

     Mount Hope Cemetery has established rules and regulations for the cemetery and are approved by the Ministry of Consumer Services Cemetery Unit.
     Flowers may be placed in the cemetery from April 1 to November 15. Flowers will be removed after the 15. No glass containers allowed. No Memorabilia allowed. No shrubs and trees allowed without the permission of the cemetery commission.

Charitable Donations
     Donations are very important to the viability of the cemetery, given the impact of declining interest rates and increasing costs related to the maintenance of the cemetery. We continue to solicit donations. Families may wish to make donations-in-kind in memory of a loved one. Receipts will be issued.

For Further Information
     If you wish to receive a copy of our yearly newsletter or are interested in purchasing a burial plot, niche or the memorial forest scattering grounds or you wish to support the cemetery by making a charitable donation pleas contact our Administrator/Custodian.

Mount Hope Cemetery
35 Alice St. Box 189
Brighton, ON K0K 1H0
Tel: 613-921-1679

Fax: 613-475-3453
email:  cemetery@brighton.ca                                         

                                                                                     Map of cemetery.