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Mount Olivet

Mt. Olivet Cemetery

         Richard Dale and family, on May 28, 1873, sells to the Trustees of the Belford Congregation of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada acre of land in lot 35 concession 7 Brighton Township, Goodfellow's Road Codrington, for $4.00.

           This land is adjacent to the school lot and lying along the concession line. On this land, the trustees are permitted to build a Church to be used by the Wesleyan Methodists, to permit a dwelling house to be used by the minister in charge and to sell graves and tombs.

          The trustees in 1873 were Henry Belford Sr., William Cullis, Thomas Adams, Philander Orser, William Belford, Alfred Richards, George Ames and William McArthur, all of the Township of Brighton.

Mount Olivet Cemetery
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