Where the Past Greets the Fututre

Planning Process
In accordance with Building By Law 015 2001, ALL PLANS MUST BE PREPARED BY A CERTIFIED B.C.I.N. DESIGNER
Note: A homeowner may prepare construction drawings if the building is to be owned by them. Additional information is available at www.obc.mah.gov.on.ca.  A Security Deposit of $1,000 applies to all new dwelling units. Deposit is refunded upon completion of the house. (Owner to request refund in writing quoting building permit #) All fees due may be paid with one cheque payable to the Municipality of Brighton.

The Planning Department has two main areas of responsibility: Development/Approvals and Policy Planning, working together with Council to guide the development of the Municipality.

The Development and Approvals area is the review/approval for new development proposals and applications in the Municipality. We provide quality land use planning advice, engineering review and support to council relative to the growth and development of the community. The primary activities of the Development Approvals area involve the administration, co-ordination, and processing of land use planning and development proposals pursuant to the Ontario Planning Act.

The Policy Planning is responsible for establishing and maintaining the Official Plan and developing policies to support the goals of the Plan in the future. In addition to developing and reviewing the current official plan, the section carries out research, seeks out public input, and leads major research projects that affect land use planning and development in the long term. We are working today to produce a single official plan for the Municipality that will respect the existing policies in each previous official plan and allow for a more coordinated approach for the entire township.

The Planning Department is committed to providing quality customer service that results in timely responses to development proposals and with providing quality policy planning research and implementation.