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The Public Works & Environmental services department oversees the administration of Capital Works Programs, Detailed Engineering Design, Environmental Assessments, Technical Engineering Review and all other aspects of planning, management and operation of the Municipality of Brighton infrastructure. We take a proactive role in maximizing our resources to provide the best service to the residents of the Municipality of Brighton.

The Public Works & Environmental Services offices are located in the Industrial Park at 67 Sharp Road, Brighton, Ontario K0K 1H0.

General Services
-Entrance and culvert installations
-Water service installation to property line on vacant properties
-Sanitary Sewer service installation to property line on vacant properties
-Curb cutting
-Roadway Restoration
-Municipal road, water, and sewer reconstruction tender preparation, construction administration and construction supervision

Review Services
Review engineering aspects of the Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments and Committee of Adjustment application that include hydrogeological:
-Storm water management, traffice, servicing and other reports or analysis
-Road, water, sewer, and stormwater design for new subdivisions, commercial site plans and other development
-Long-term planning of Municipality's physical development in support of the growth and development strategies
-Lot grading and drainage review
-Utility design and location
-Stormwater management facilities

Operation Services
The Operation Services Section of the Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of all roads under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Brighton, as well as sidewalks, street signs, storm sewers, road and driveway culverts. Also responsible for winter maintenance of municipal roads and all public sidewalks.
Our hours of operation are: Monday to Thursday 7am to 4pm, and Friday 7am to 12noon excluding statutory holidays.

Construction Services
The Construction Services Section of the Public Works Department oversees all current construction activities within the Municipality of Brighton.
They provide inspection and contract administration services for our Capital Works Program as well as inspection and assumption services for Developmental Projects such as commercial, industrial, and residential subdivisions and site plans.

Development Services
The Development Services Section of the Public Works Department acts as our liaison between Council, Committees, members of the public, professionals, and other public and private agencies and organizations and new development projects within the Municipality of Brighton.
They provide technical engineering review and approvals for new Development Projects such as Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Subdivisions and Site Plans including Lot Grading Certificates.