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Road / Sidewalk Maintenance
The Municipality of Brighton maintains approximately 240 kilometres of road. Typical maintenance performed each year on our roads are: grading gravel roads and shoulders; ditching road side grass; street sweeping; mowing, brushing and grubbing; application of dust suppressants on gravel roads; asphalt patching; line marking; curb repairs; sign and safety devices. Some maintenance is routinely performed each year, however most roads are scheduled for maintenance only as required. Deficiencies reported by the public are repaired on a priority basis. If you have any questions about what maintenance will be performed on your road this year, please contact the Public Works office at 613-475-1162.

For information on, or to report issues about County Roads (CR2, CR21, CR26, CR27, CR29, CR30, CR41, CR64), please contact Northumberland County at 1-800-354-7050.

The Municipality of Brighton maintains approximately 42 kilometres of sidewalk. Repairs to damaged sidewalks will be undertaken by the Municipality in accordance with established standards. Each year major sections of deficient sidewalks and curb are replaced and upgraded to meet the Municipality's commitment to higher standards of accessibility. The Municipality recommends that objects such as wood, concrete, sprinkler systems; or brick driveway edging, hedges or shrubs, fences, and flower beds should not to be placed beyond your property line and within 300mm (12") of a municipal sidewalk.

Illegal Dumping on Roadsides
Illegal dumping should be reported to the Northumberland County Waste Management Department at:
555 Courthouse Road
Cobourg, ON K9A 5J6
Tel: 905-372-3329
Toll Free: 1-800-354-7050